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Are you looking to make money online?

If your answer is yes, then you are at right place. is a URL shortener service which can help you make money from just shortning links. Yes, your heard right! The links that you usually share with your friends. . 

What is is paid URL shortener service which pays its publishers for shortening and sharing their links. It is an international service and therefore, worldwide publishers can join it. offers high payout rates for worldwide traffic. Payout rates could be as high as 25$ for 1000 views. Also, we offers multiple payment options to withdraw earnings.

Like all modern URL shorteners, also offers a detailed statistics reporting system which shows stats in real time for both advertisers and publishers. In addition to that it offers some great tools that help you in generating more revenue from your links.

What is a URL Shortener?

A URL shortener is a tool with which you can shorten your ugly looking long links and convert them into pretty looking short links. Actually, shorten links are meant to make your links look pretty. Mostly these type of links are used to hide affiliate links which usually look bad.

Shorten links work as a redirection service. Whenever users click on shorten links then they are redirected to the link that you had shorten, that is, your destination page.

How URL Shortener Make Money?

If you are new to URL shortener services then you may be wondering that how you can make money from a link redirection service? The answer is simple.

All paid URL shorteners show a 5 to 10 second ad to visitors while they redirect them to destination page. Actually they make your visitors wait for 5 to 10 seconds before redirecting them to the required page.

All the ads shown between redirections are paid ads from advertisers. URL shorteners take money from advertisers and share their revenue with publishers like you.

Signup And Approval:

As is a URL shortener service so it doesn’t seek any hard and fast requirements from publishers. You can simply register on this network and start making money instantly. provides instant approval to accounts, so, there’s no need to wait for any kind of account review.

Payout Rates:

If you have good traffic from your website or blog then you can make a handsome income from our network. We offers up to 25$/1000 views depending on the ad, location and format.

Ad Formats:

Being a URL shortener service, offers both interstitial, banner ads and Popup ads.

Tools Offered: provides all modern tools to its publishers so that they can generate maximum revenue. The tools offered by are quick link, mass shrinker, full page script, developers API and bookmarklet.

Statistics Reporting System:

Being a modern URL shortener network, offers a detailed statistics reporting system to advertisers and publishers which shows stats in real time. Its stats reporting system consist of various graphs and tables which let you analyze traffic and determine the best result for your campagn 

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout on is N3000. Simply go to Withdraw link from your Dashboard and request you balance to be transfered to your bank account.

Payment Options:

Our concern is ensuring you get paid in a timely manner, so we utiilize the best, fast and easy methods for you to ensure you get your money with little or no charges. Our payment options include Local bank transfers (Available to only Nigeria), Payeer payment, PerfectMoney, and Bitcoin.

Payment Frequency:

Our top piority is ensuring you get paid, and get paid on a timely manner. Our utmost desire to seeing you put dedication to build a good source of income on platform, so therefore we take every payout requested and process in the shortest possible time. Our mass payout days are Wednessday every week, but we still honour requeests placed any other day aside Saturdays and Sundays.

Referral Program:

How about an extra, or possibly, bigger means of income. Oh yes! referal programmes offers a 20% referral commission to you for anyone you refer to our platform for life. So let's assume you referr Eze, Chioma, Aminu and Ade to and each earns N50k every month from shortening links, you will be paid N20,000 for life, as long as they keeps earning these amount every month. Now multiply that if you refer 20, 40, 100, or even 5,000 people. Seriously, you could earn over N500k per month from only referal

Published on: 1/25/19, 2:00 AM