Fraud Detection and Prevention

What is Fraud

In digital advertising today fraud has continually become a nightmare for advertiser. This has been characterised with heavy leakage in ad budget and revenue for both the advertisers and service providers.

How is Preventing Advertising Fraud is at the core of digital advertising fruad prevention. We have implemented strong fraud prevention algorithm to protect our advertisers from fake and auto-generated traffic, and ensure the best return on investement for all advertisers. Visitors to your ads must meet the following criteria to qualify as paid traffic:

If any of the above conditions are not met, advertise will not be charged.

What to do to ensure maximum experience 

All advertisers and publishers should comply with our terms and conditions to ensure maximal experience with our service. We are committed to bringing the best plateform that delivers world-class service to our users.

Published on: 2/1/19, 2:25 AM