How to Place Banner Ads on

How to Place Banner Ads on

We provide banner ad placement. A banner enables you show ads in graphical format. This is quite effective for advertisers who want to display their products or service directly to target visitors. 

Banner Code:

Sample banner code

<a href="LINK_URL" target="_blank">

​    <img src="IMAGE_URL" />


Ensure to replace LINK_URL to your destinational link (e.g and IMAGE_URL to image location (e.g. Also, design image based on any of the banner image sizes below.

Some banner ad examples (Size must be in pixels):

1. 728x90 (Leaderboard);

2. 468x60 (Full Banner)


3. 336x280 (Large Rectangle)


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Published on: 6/3/19, 4:35 PM