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About Swiftads.ng

Our company

Swift Advertising Solutions International- Swiftads.ng is a registered digital advertising agency. We’re your trusted and reliable digital Advertisers and Publishers network, with focus on providing:

- High quality and the most affordable quality web traffic: weather you own a website, blog, forum, or mobile app, swiftads.ng delivers the right traffic to your platform to empower your business to grow.

- Website monetization: If you're passionate about building quality web content valuable to users, we're ready to pay you. Utilize our free link shortening and analytical platform and even get paid handsomely for every click on your link.


To provide the most effective advertising platform that delivers the best opportunities to advertisers and publishers globally.


Advertising to the right audience shouldn’t be rocket science, simple is the new deal.

Our Core Values



We believe getting the right customers shouldn’t be difficult, that’s why we’ve taking the complexity behind the scene providing you the option to do your do as you wish


What are your wildest desires? Bring it on. Do you wish higher user or customer base to your website and mobile app or you desire more revenue for your digital content. Just bring it on.


Integrity is at our core of operations. For us this is not just a business, this is family. It’s 1000 real human traffic when we say it is; it is also N100 when we say it is. Nothing is twisted.


All work and no play… Keep the suit and tie in the closet for a moment, you didn’t think we’ll just be all work, work right? Come for our fun and active member community and see what fun means. It’ll thrill you the zeal and passion in the house.


Why do you think we came all this way? We’re not giving up on your dreams, that is why we'll keep working to meet your objectives. Nobody wins except everybody wins!