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Why advertise on 

We're a digital advertising marketplace providing the best high quality traffic for your website, blog or apps, garnished with the best pricing. Our platform is built to help online businesses grow rapidly. You want more sale, app installs, or high web traffic to boost your SEO ranking, trust with the task.

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Types of Ads Format
Our advertising category cuts into 3 campaign types:

  1. Interstitial Campaign: Visitor are sent directly to your website and must stay at least 5 seconds.
  2. Banner: Your banner ad comes in 3 major formats to enable you reach your target audience on any desired platform and devices. The following banner size are available for advertising:
    • 728x90px (Leaderboard); 
    • 468x60px (Full Banner) and 
    • 336x280px (Large Rectangle)
  3. Popup ad: This ad campaign type pops-up your website in another window on the user browser. This is one of the best ways to achieve higher time of visit to your website which is great for both SEO and Alexa ranking

See examples of banner ad format here. You can consult our support team to design your banner to meet our standard placement format. Design is only N500 per banner. Send us an email to:

How to Place Your Adverts

The following steps will guide you to place your ads properly on our platform:

  1. Create a free account by Clicking here
  2. Select Campaign from the left/drop-down menu and select the type of campaign you wish to advertise; Interstitial, Banner or Pop ad.
  3. Select your Campaign Traffic Source; Mobile only, Desktop only, or Desktop Mobile and tablet.
  4. Enter the details of your ad in the form including your website link or banner source code and enter the unit/number of traffic for the ad from the required country. Each ad unit purchase is multiplied by 1,000 views. e.g. 1 purchase unit x target audience fee (Country) = 1000 views
  5. Click on Create Campaign and select your payment method. Payment can be done via Credit/Debit Card (Paystack), Bank Transfer/Deposit, or Bitcoin.
  6. Once campaign has been paid and confirmed, your ad will go live in a few minutes. Please allow max 2 hours for compliance vetting before contacting our support if your ad is not approved after payment confirmation.



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